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  City Mandeville, LA
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  Phone Number (985) 626-7247

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Synergy Sales Recruiting of LA, LLC, is committed to excellence in serving the unique recruiting challenges of client companies who need to address sales and sales management vacancies or desire to maximize revenue opportunities through expanded operations. Synergy offers a powerful link between its valuable clients and a nationwide pool of highly qualified and skillfully screened candidates. Synergy Sales Recruiting has served the business community, as well as job seekers, for the past 14 years.

Let Synergy Sales Recruiting of LA, LLC become a member of your recruiting team. Call Gwen Payne at (985) 845-0553 or email. We look forward to working with you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about filling your next position!

Despite your stellar qualifications and positive attitude about finding a new job, the employment interview may still strike fear in your soul. Even some of the most talented job searchers may find an interview to be daunting. Step one in elevating your confidence level is preparing for the meeting. Have you done your homework? Do you know what this company is all about, what growth and expansion plans they have that may positively affect your career? Read all about it. Google the Internet, check out LinkedIn, go to their web site and study it from beginning to end, particularly the page titled "About Us."

This guideline is designed to help you conduct selection interviews that can predict job performance so that you can match the most qualified candidate with the position you are interviewing for. The guideline uses a behavioral-based interviewing approach that assumes past job behavior is the single best prediction of future job performance. The fundamental concept behind behavioral-based interviewing is that behavioral examples, that is specific life-history events, provide information regarding the presence or absence of skills.

I have worked with many recruiters over the years and Gwen is definitely at the top of my list. She is honest, reliable and does an excellent job identifying talent. I have hired her last two candidate referrals. During my tenure as the VP of Sales for AOS, I have engaged many sales recruiters. I can say, through measured results, that Gwen Payne of Synergy Sales Recruiting has provided the most qualified candidates who exceeded all my expectations. 40% of my sales staff has come through Gwen with my top two sales producers being among her placements.

The interview is the interaction between the decision maker and the candidate that attempts to find out if the candidate has the necessary skills. When there is a match between these two, there is a job offer. The hiring process is only successful when the hiring decision is based on this match between required job skills and demonstrated candidate skills and experience. A job description should provide an accurate reflection of what is expected of the employee. It should mention the required knowledge, skills, abilities, and reporting structure for the position.

On the day of your big job interview you're set and ready to go: Conservative, tailored suit? Check. Concisely written resume and separate list of references? Positive attitude? But have you given any thought to what you will be asked? If you have not, you may be overlooking the most critical step in your preparation. What not to say: "I hate my job." Keep the tone of your meeting positive, and talk about your career goals, your desire to advance in your industry or your specific wish to work for this company.

Synergy Sales Recruiting offers you the ability to work with a single recruiting firm that has access to over 300 recruiting firms nationwide through the First Interview Network. Whether you need to fill a single position locally or expand your team nationally, we will keep your hiring process simple, timely and cost effective. Whatever your needs, Synergy Sales Recruiting is ready to help you and your company in your next search for top sales talent.